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A. CFPCM Certification:

The CFPCM certification consists of 6 modules:

  • Introduction of Financial Planning
  • Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning
  • Retirement Panning & Employee Benefits
  • Investment Planning
  • Tax & Estate Planning
  • Advance Financial Planning Examination for Module I is exempt. Examination No. 1-4 are for Modules 2-5 with 20% weightage for each Module from Module I. Examination No. 5 is to test the knowledge for construction of an Advance Financial Planning for the client with topics from Module No. 1-5. Passing the Exam 5 entitles a student to Full Membership of FPSB India.

B. AFP Certification - (Associate Financial Planner)

Passing any one module from Module 2-5 entitles a student to the junior designation of AFP. For example, on passing Module No. 2, a student is eligible to the designation of AFP (Risk Analysis and Insurance Planning).

Authorization to use CFPCM Marks

A candidate fulfilling the rigorous initial & ongoing CFPCM Certification criteria and after paying the Annual CFPCM Certification Fees is authorized by FPSB India to use CFPCM, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM & CFPCM flame logo collectively known as CFPCM Marks in his/her publishing material and communications. To maintain the legitimacy of use of CFPCM Marks FPSB India publishes the list of CFPCM Certificants on its Website Directory. Consumers are advised to cross-check the authenticity of the Financial Planner claiming to be a CFPCM Certificant by referring to FPSB India website directory.

For details, login www.fpsbindia.org.