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What is CTEPTM ?

The Chartered Trust and Estate PlannerTM is a short term International Certification Course focusing on Estate and Trust Planning which forms a very important subset of Personal Finance, Financial Planning, Wealth Planning or Wealth Management. This certification comprehensively deals with all the aspects of Estate Planning and Trust Planning like Asset Protection, Intergenerational Wealth Transfer, Succession Planning, Creation of Trusts, Trust Management, International Trust Structures, Philanthropic Planning, Cross Border Estate Planning, Maintenance of Dependents and Estate Tax Planning issues Globally. The participants get in depth view of Wills, Power of Attorneys and Succession Laws etc. This certification enables the candidates to meet the current skill set needed by the industry and stand out of the crowd.


The number of affluent Indians has doubled over the past decade and many of them are entering or have already transitioned into retirement. Estate Planning is becoming increasingly necessary for these individuals to ensure a planned succession, avoid family feuds leading to disintegration of businesses and lengthy court battles. Also, if estate duty is reinstated in India today or in the near future, estate planning may turn out to be the best tool to minimize the estate duty.

The Succession Laws in India are very complex as each community has its own laws leading to over 45 Laws that govern inheritance in India. Providers of Trust and Estate Planning Services in India are anticipating exponential growth in the Estate Planning Services in coming years due to increased demand by clients both individuals and families, complexity of legal system and inheritance laws and taxation concerns. That is the reason why leading Wealth Management Service Providers are setting up exclusive Estate Planning Divisions in their organizations.

Who is the certifying body?

AAFM India offers this prestigious and unique designation which is globally recognized in the field of estate planning “CHARTERED TRUST & ESTATE PLANNINGTM” (CTEPTM). AAFM India is responsible for establishing curriculum design, certification of membership and licensing standards in India.

AAFM India promotes Financial Advisory and Wealth Management Advisory Standards in the country by actively engaging with all the stake holders including the Government, Regulators, Educational Institutes, Training Providers, Financial Services Companies, Banks, etc. All AAFM India certifications and education events have an intense and pragmatic curriculum. Participants are exposed to the latest developments within the financial services sector.

AAFM has set up its Indian Chapter American Academy of Financial Management India Private Limited, AAFM India (AAFMI) as a Standard Setting Body in India with the objective to promote Wealth Management and Financial Advisory Standards in the country.