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What is CWM ® ?

CHARTERED WEALTH MANAGER (CWM ®) is unique and the only Wealth Management certification in India. This certification comprehensively deals with all the aspects of wealth management like Investment Strategies, Life Cycle Management, Intergenerational Wealth Transfer, Relationship Management, Behavioral Finance, Alternative Products, Real Estate Valuation and Global Taxation. This certification enables the candidates to meet the current skill set needed by the industry and stand out of the crowd.

Why CWM ® Certification ?

Needless to say that growth in economy is witnessed in every sector of India. Amongst them the Wealth Management Industry is one of the fastest growing disciplines of the Financial Services Sector. In total, the HNWI population is growing at over 20% CAGR, and the value of liquid assets is expected to grow at 19.8% CAGR. To offer to this populous a service to manage, grow and transfer their wealth, atleast 50000 Chartered Wealth managers are required in near future (assuming one Wealth Manager handling 50 clients).

The scope and opportunity of Wealth manager is increasing and CWM ® is a course that says a lot about who you are. The credential gives you the backing, the education, the colleagues, the networking system, and the power to face your clients, your partners, your employers and your competitors.

With CWM ®, you’ll be part of a globally recognized family of wealth management professionals. You’ll have access to our full spectrum of resources, industry events and networking opportunities.

Who is the certifying body?

The American Academy of Financial Management TM is a worldwide Board of Standards and financial professional organization, with members in 151+ countries offering exclusive certified designations, charters, and masters certification to candidates who meet the high standards. With the objective to promote Wealth Management and Financial Advisory Standards in the country, the board offers a very prestigious and highest designation globally recognized in the Field of Wealth Management "CHARTERED WEALTH MANAGER" (CWM ®).

AAFM India promotes Wealth Management and Financial Advisory Standards in the country by actively engaging with all the stake holders including the Government, Regulators, Educational Institutes, Training Providers, Financial Services Companies, Banks, etc.

Registration Pathway :

  • Compulsory Pathway : The eligibility criterion to register through Compulsory Pathway is that the candidate must have passed minimum 12 Standard.

  • Experience Pathway : The eligibility criterion to register through Experience Pathway is that the candidate must have passed Graduation with 3 years of minimum work experience.